3 Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make In 2023 


How many times have you heard that digital marketing is the future? Probably many times, and there’s nothing new in it because every business today wants to rise above the competition by leveraging the digital marketing ladder.

Digital marketing is the only mainstream, whether it is 5-7 years ago or in the future. Businesses, regardless of industry, want to use digital marketing to get to the top.

However, in the excitement of out-competing the competitive rivalry, any business is bound to make mistakes. This is especially true of the digital marketing strategies they implement or employ. Making mistakes is acceptable until they become repetitive and start to damage your business.

Even hiring the best digital marketing agency won’t save you if you keep making the same mistakes. Making mistakes is common, but our team at IntriTech Digital Marketing think that learning from them is more significant. As a result, without going into too much detail, here are some digital marketing mistakes you shouldn’t make in 2023: 

Targeting wrong people on wrong platforms

Targeting everyone as a customer can be a costly mistake because your company can only succeed with its target audience. Remember that every online user has different pain points and desires. As a result, your company will never be able to reach those people.

This is why you should target a smaller audience, especially one that is relevant to your product’s specialty and benefits. To convert website visitors into customers, use customer personalization and create customer profiles. 

Ignoring the targeted audience on mobile phones

It’s no surprise that more and more of your customers are using mobile phones, and there aren’t many of them who can be reached via PCs or laptops. Simply look in the mirror or imagine yourself in the shoes of your customers. How frequently do you use your smartphone to search for and purchase items? Without a doubt, no count!! 

In essence, the second biggest blunder you could make is failing to recognise your mobile phone target audience. If this continues, your business will fall from the bottom to the bottom.

As a solution, you should concentrate more on your mobile phone audience by employing optimal strategies. Bring your customers together using your own business app if possible. 

Giving no vale to automation

Without a doubt, human workers seems to be essential to any of your digital marketing strategies because humans can do and manage things better. You’ve probably been doing it for a while.

However, this does not imply that you will make more profit. This is primarily due to your inability to recognize or value automation technology. This could be the most expensive mistake so far. 

Overlooking automation can have a long-term impact on your digital marketing strategies. Technology makes it simple to carry out core communication, team management, and leadership tasks.

And if you do it, you will have more time for your digital marketing team or employees.

We attempted to elicit the three most common mistakes that digital marketers make, whether knowingly or unknowingly. However, as we approach the start of another new year, we want you to be aware of them so that you can better grasp the New Year for long-term success.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for the best digital marketing agency in Manitoba, look no further than IntriTech. Contact us today to see how we can help you make your digital marketing dreams a reality! 

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